Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010-02-09 Marc Mobius's way to quick stock valuation.

I read an investment article in settrade.com about Marc Mobius by Dr.Nives Hemvajirawarakorn (25 May 2009). In this article, Mobius suggested his way of investment into 47 rules. For me, I only memorize some of them for my personal investment as below:

1. Patience gives profitable returns (hold some cash while waiting patiently in order to buy stocks when your opportunities arrive. I added this myself.)
2. The value of a stock can be approximated from net asset (less liabilities) divided by total share outstanding.
3. Whenever there are bad news and hopelessness everywhere, it's the best time to buy stocks.
whenever there are good news and hopes, it's the best time to sell stocks.
Use stock value approximated in step 2 in considerations whether the stock of interest is cheap enough to buy or expensive enough to sell.
4. Buy stocks when the price drops. Wait patiently for market panic, then calmly buy cheap stocks.

After pondering these 4 rules, I've constructed a table and calculated thai stock valuations using 4 figures including assets, liabilities, number of share outstanding and dividend yield obtained from settrade.com.
It turned out that with simple calculations, I can quickly find stock values by myself. Previously, I've never known whether a stock was cheap or expensive. What I could do was seeking for stock analyst opinions and blindly buy stocks based on good news or on self expectations. That's why Mobius himself find stock values so quickly. The readers may try this by yourselves to get this valuable experience.

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