Thursday, October 30, 2014

Invest in Facebook stock with fb/thstockinvest weekly chart systems. Time zone difference (Thailand & USA) would not be a problem.

I have been saving some money for my daughter's colledge education in Facebook stock listed in NASDAQ exchange. Since U.S. market operation hours are opposite to those in Thailand, intraday or daily trading would be difficult unless you don't have to sleep. In this post I reveal my research on investing in Facebook (FB) shares using weekly chart tools where trading decision could be done during the weekend. Below is the photo originally posted in my facebook album. More updates to come will be added at the end of this page.

fb/thstockinvest weekly chart tools:
  • EMA9 > EMA10 , Buy next ATO (at the open)
  • EMA9 < EMA10 , Sell next ATO (at the open)

Facebook (FB) weekly trading records:
  • 18 May 2012 First IPO trading
  •   3 December 2012 Buy at 28.00
    25 December 2012 Sell at 25.75
    Return -8.04%
  • 29 July 2013 Buy at 34.07
    21 April 2014 Sell at 59.46
    Return +74.52%
  •   2 June 2014 Buy at 63.23
    27 October 2014 no selling signal yet at 75.86
    Return so far +19.97%

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