Friday, May 19, 2017

What should Mr.Lazy do to let his profit in TASCO stock investment runs to its maximum potential.

I would like to know how to let the stock TASCO runs its profit to the maximum potential. So I did a research on the latest rally of TASCO price. In back-testing, I called up the above TASCO daily chart and looked at the region where the MACD value was about to turn from negative to positive. In this region, the RSI was about to cross up 50% and the STO oversold crossing was about to occur. 

At the close of 20161223, TASCO's STO did an oversold crossing. Supposed Mr.Lazy bought TASCO on the next trading day(20161226) at the openning price of 17.10 THB/share. His stock then rallied to the peak of 28.50 THB on 20170315. To find out how he should setup his profit protection, I extracted the price movements that could trigger his profit taking as in the following table.

The data showed that the deepest correction factor during TASCO latest price rally was 0.93 or -7% from the peak. If a little more flexibility were added, Mr.Lazy should be able to let his profit in TASCO investment run to its maximum potential using a protection factor of 0.90 or -10% from the peak.

After TASCO price ran to its maximum of 28.50 THB/share, Mr.Lazy should have set his profit protection to 28.50 x 0.90 = 25.65 THB. Due to the price spread of 0.25 THB, his TASCO share would have been sold at the price 25.50 THB on 20170323. That investment would have given him a hugh return of 25.50/17.10 = 1.4912 or 49.12% in about three months.

That was a pretty good profit protection plan an average investor can adopt to his/her investment. For more advanced investors who looked closer into the chart details, they could also monitor the candlestick chart and hold the stock until the price closed below 5-day EMA for three days in a row.

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