Thursday, July 6, 2017

PTT the big picture 20170706.

In the above weekly chart of PTT, there are 5 simple moving average lines including pink sma5, yellow sma20, red sma40, aqua sma50 and white sma150. During the long bull market, these sma lines have shown developments in price rally by the following series of events:
pink crossed above yellow,
pink crossed above red,
pink crossed above aqua,
pink crossed above white,
yellow crossed above red,
yellow crossed above aqua,
yellow crossed above white,
red crossed above aqua,
red crossed above white and
aqua crossed above white.

After that, a bearish divergence of price and sto533 could be clearly observed. Price correction could be seen since the peak of 430 THB. A series of sma crossing events suggests that the correction ending has not been confirmed. Bearish sma crossing events since the peak include:
pink crossed below yellow,
pink crossed below red.

More developments on bearish sma crossing might further happen since this correction has not reached the popular level of 61.8% (348 THB) yet.

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