Wednesday, June 24, 2015

สรุป พัฒนาการ และการขยายกิจการของ DNA

  • DNA 2002 Pcl. ก่อตั้งบริษัทย่อย PPP--P Power Plant Co. Ltd.
    Generating and selling of electricity.
  • DNA 2002 Pcl. ก่อตั้งบริษัทย่อย DNE--DNA Network and Engineering Co. Ltd.
    Development of electricity and telecommunication infrastructures.
  • DNA 2002 Pcl. ซื้อ big lot 8.32% ของ TCC--Thai Capital Corporation Pcl.
    The acquisition of TCC shares will increase ability to generate more income for DNA and help diversify the risk from the Company’s current core business to other sector. The major business of TCC is import and distribution of coal that will support the strategic plan of DNA to energy sector. TCC has strong financial and has the potential to grow in the future.
  • DNA Revolution Co., Ltd. (บริษัทย่อย ของ DNA) ซื้อ 83.34% ของ  HRT--Hollywood Reporter (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
    HRT’s main business is the producer and distributor of printed media for distribution. HRT have many distribution channels such as monthly magazines, mobile application, magazine website, television and radio program also include events. DNA believes that investing in HRT will create synergy to the core business of DNA, which are Home Entertainment and Media Advertising Management. Moreover, HRP printed media will have similar contents and format with Home Entertainment product which DNA is currently a distributor. HRT have a great potential to grow since it’s in negotiation process with a major US publisher for the rights of their contents to use in printed magazine of HRT. DNA expects that HRT will be able to collect revenue from advertising in the magazine along with advertising fees in other channel of HRT.
  • DNA Revolution Co., Ltd. (บริษัทย่อย ของ DNA) ซื้อ 60.00% ของ  WSG--World Sport Group Co.,Ltd.
    The acquisition of WSG shares will increase ability to generate more income for the Company and help diversify the risk from DNA’s current core business to advertising sector. After the transaction DNA expects that WSG will have an opportunity to grow from rights to manage the advertisements and expect to generate income and profit to WSG and DNA.

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