Monday, October 26, 2015

Facts in SET monthly chart 20151026.

In the [ last post ], I pointed out that there was a bearish MACD cross over in the SET quarterly chart that could send the index out of current base through its lower boundary. In this post I check the SET monthly chart to enlarge the base region (in between the parallel red lines below). In this view the index is bouncing off the EMA50 months average line near the lower boundary of an up-trend channel. This EMA50 months average line had been breached during the 2009 US crisis. Since then, the index managed to stay above this line even during the 2011 great flood crisis or 2014 fanatic bangkok shutdown crisis. In the current China crisis, the index had breached this line in August 2015 but climbed back to close safely above it as shown in the orange circle below. At present, the index seems to be bouncing off the EMA50 months average line along with the bouncing of the RSI signal off the oversold boundary. The MACD is now touching the zero axis. Could the MACD also bounce off the zero axis to stay in the positive zone? The answer is coming soon. 

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