Monday, October 26, 2015

Unbiased facts seen in SET quarterly chart 20151022.

Although there are some good news for stock markets coming out in recent days including additional QE injection from ECB or more interest rate cuts from PBoC, we still need to look at the unbiased facts appearing in stock charts. The SET quarterly chart below shows that SET has been recovering from the 2009 crisis along the orange channel to the level near pre-crisis peak. Also, the index has been building a base in a range between 1205.44 - 1649.77 points for 10 quarters. We need to keep our eyes on this base development to see whether the index would finally break out of this base at the upper or lower boundary. The red circle at the bottom of this chart also shows a bearish MACD cross over that could drive the index to test the base lower boundary and drag the RSI into an oversold zone again. Time will tell.

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