Thursday, October 29, 2015

New observations in spotting reversal days with demand-supply trains.

In the daily chart of PLNT below, I see an up-trend channel in green and two supply lines in red. PLNT's share price had broken above the lower and shorter supply line just after it bounced on the lower edge of the green channel. MACD signal in the chart had decided to continue going upward while the RSI had made a bullish cross over between RSI7 days and RSI14 days. Next things to overcome above this point are the EMA50 days, upper boundary of the box at 17.32 USD, major supply line, upper boundary of green channel, upper boundary of the next box at 19.13 USD and finally the all-time high at 20.68 USD, respectively. Let's see how far could it go !

Along with aforementioned technical lines, I also put daily demand-supply information extracted from this chart. Not quite following the popular "Trading the 9" strategy generally practised by traders, I observed that PLNT tends to reverse its trend when the demand or supply train counts up to number 4. So, I would name this behavior of PLNT consolidation as "Trading the 4". As I extend my studies to other stocks globally, I'll continue to observe whether "Trading the 4" happens somewhere else as well. 

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